Fresh Start

Fresh Start is a Divorce Recovery Ministry which meets regularly on 3rd Saturdays at the FLM Conference

Fresh Start Spells HELP!  Click Above to Find out more

Fresh Start Spells HELP! Click Above to Find out more

Centre in Kingston. Since April 2000, this support group has greatly benefited those going through the pain of separation and/or divorce. Persons from the group who have been remarried have testified that Fresh Start helped in their healing and their ability to cope with another relationship, and other members have also indicated that they have been helped in their self confidence, their ability to forgive, their self-esteem, their faith in God and their general ability to cope in managing their finances, legal issues, parenting and themselves.

The ground rules of Fresh Start include respect for confidentiality. Members are told that “It’s okay to tell anyone that you attended Fresh Start but it’s not okay to tell anyone who you saw there.” No one is pressured to share, but all are given the opportunity to tell their story. The emphasis of the group is on healing, personal growth and forgiveness, and also addresses the grief reaction, sexuality, guilt, rejection, the spiritual and social/emotional challenges of remarriage, readjusting to the single life, growing through divorce, boundaries in dating, understanding the needs of the opposite sex and loneliness.

Please call our Head Office to make an appointment for Fresh Start. Come join a group of fellow overcomers, and let the healing begin.