Scotia EAP

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What is EAP?

The Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) is a counselling service offered to private and public sector companies, community organizations and non-governmental institutions, allowing companies to provide counselling to their employees at no cost to them.

Why is FLM offering this service?

The prevailing socioeconomic conditions have impacted tremendously on the ability of the worker to cope with the high levels of stress and the social, financial and personal pressures of life. This manifests itself in poor work attitudes, lack of motivation, frequent absences from work and conflict at the workplace. The effect of this is low levels of productivity, resulting in lower profit margins for the company.

 Participating EAP Companies

  • Bank of Nova Scotia
  • CoK/Sodality
  • HEART Trust/NTA
  • Island Grill
  • Jamaica Broilers Group
  • Jamaica Cooperative Credit Union League
  • Jamaica Flour Mills
  • Jamaica Money Market Brokers
  • Jamaica National Bank
  • JPSCo
  • Massey Distribution
  • National Housing Trust
  • Sagicor Group
  • Victoria Mutual Building Society

What are the objectives of the EAP?

  • To provide counselling and referral services for employees to assist in resolving personal problems that may impact on job performance.
  • To help in identifying behavioural and/or attitudinal problems before they become chronic, debilitating and costly for both the employer and employee.
  • To help employees at all levels – executive, managerial, supervisory, clerical and ancillary – to lead happier, healthier, more productive lives.
  • To provide a programme customised to meet the specific needs of the organization.

What are the issues dealt with under the EAP?

A cadre of professionals with at least a Masters Degree deals with a wide range of issues including: Stress, Grief, Aging, Pre-Marital, Marital, Family, Child Abuse, Relationships, Parenting, Addiction, Conflict and Change.


Who can use the EAP, and how?

Once the company signs the contract with FLM, all members of staff are able to access the service by calling in and making an appointment. Each company decides who else it wants to include under the contract, such as immediate family members and children of employees. All costs are borne by the employer; there is no cost to employees.


What are the opening hours?

Mondays – Thursdays: 9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
Fridays – Saturdays: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

A 24-hour counselling hotline is also available to all employees covered by the contract.


Is the counselling service confidential?


All information between the employee and the EAP Counsellor is held in the strictest confidence and all files remain the property of FLM. No information is given to the employer, spouse, or family member without your specific approval or written authorization. FLM will provide organisations with general reports on:

  •  Statistics about the number of people using EAP
  • Types of problems dealt with
  • Administrative problems experienced
  • Issues dealt with over a given period
  • Trends in the workplace which may serve as a deterrent to productivity
  • Suggestions on how to maintain harmony and a positive climate at the workplace


Does the EAP really benefit employees?

Yes. It provides:

  • Professional confidential counselling for workplace problems as well as family problems;
  • Referral services if necessary, maintaining contact to ensure that the employee is receiving the treatment necessary for the restoration of good health;
  • Assistance as soon as problems arise instead of allowing them to fester and become chronic, debilitating and causing absenteeism and low productivity.


What are the benefits of the EAP for the company?

  • Improved working relations
  •  A motivated workforce
  • Greater company loyalty
  • Higher levels of productivity
  • Lower absenteeism
  • A  viable return on investment for the employer


Is this service provided only in Kingston?


The EAP service is provided at FLM Counselling Centres in Kingston, Portmore, Port Maria, as well as by trained and experienced counsellors island-wide.


Do appointments for counselling have to be made through the company?


Members of staff have the option of contacting FLM direct if they desire. The organization may also refer employees for counselling.

Will accessing the EAP affect an employee’s position or advancement in the company?


All records will be kept by FLM under confidential cover. All reports to the employer will be of a statistical or general nature and will not mention the names of individual employee

Will the EAP include Workshops/Seminars on workplace or family issues?

Orientation Seminars are provided for all employees under the EAP, to ensure that they are familiar with this service available to them. FLM can also offer separate seminars and workshops focusing on a wide range of workplace and family issues, as well as group and crisis counselling separate from the EAP. The overall aim is to enhance performance and productivity within organizations.