Enjoying a special relationship is high on the agenda of many persons.

Being in love is an experience to be treasured.

Many feel that their life’s journey is not complete until they have made a unique love connection.

The truth is that the romantic love experience is not without risk. Heartaches and pain are part of the price that those who venture into giving their hearts to someone else pay.

One key to reducing the pain price is to have clarity about who you are and what it is that you need and expect from a relationship.

That helps to narrow your appreciation of what you are looking for in a partner and how to increase the chances of connecting with the right person.

“What I Need From A Relationship: My Love DNA Report And Manual” is a pointed diagnosis of your orientation to romantic love and what you need for fulfillment from such a relationship.

The powerful behavioural mapping provides unique guidance as to where you will find lasting love.

The coaching manual uses the Four C’s Model of Relationships to steer you towards a happy and fulfilling long term relationship.

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