Marital and Premarital Counselling

Before and After... A story about tying the knot...Click to Read More

Before and After… A story about tying the knot…Click to Read More

martialLiving in close quarters with another person, seeing him day-in-and-out (for decades), depending on her loyalty and work ethic, trusting him with your heart and your cheque book, raising children or facing barrenness together, and all the myriad trials that married couples face – are issues that combine to be a recipe for catastrophic disappointment, or triumphant and joyous success. When you face the former, but desire the latter, counselling can offer the support and guidance to overcome and create the marriage you’ve always dreamed of.

An FLM counsellor will provide Biblical, practical advice, helping married couples show love and respect to each other, compromise and prioritize, and resolve financial, emotional, sexual and relational conflicts in a reasoned way that you both can agree on. Your marriage will benefit from better understanding and greater capability in meeting each other’s needs so that the life you share will be a happy and fulfilling one.

Pre-Marital counselling

The step into marriage is one of the biggest a person can take. Too often, our personal experience does not equip us for the drastic changes that take place when the realities of marriage confront us. It is easy to choose your mate and begin your new life, thinking that you know what comes next – only to find that you had no idea!

Pre-marital counselling is an excellent way to prepare for the joys, difficulties, and disciplines of marriage. From developing infatuation into long-term commitment, breaking wrong expectations, preparing for your sexual life, integrating finances and careers, and dealing with in-laws, FLM Counselling will help teach soon-to-be-newlyweds the art of creating a successful marriage and navigating through its many challenges.

Premarital Counselling, Don't get married without it... Click here to Read More

Premarital Counselling, Don’t get married without it… Click here to Read More