Anti-Addictive counselling

Some of us can detect in ourselves an issue which really has us beat. No matter what we do – the resolutions we make, the boundaries we set, the willpower we exert – this issue is the one with the power, and we find ourselves simply swept along, feeding a desire we can’t seem to satisfy, and part of us has begun to hate. What can we do to break the cycle?

When we don’t have the power to overcome an addiction, the answer can be found in the strength of others. A listening ear, a source of confidential accountability, excellent advice, and spiritual, Biblical support are available in the trained and experienced hands of an FLM counsellor. Don’t continue to fight, and lose, alone… help that has been tried and proven is available here, at FLM.

Conflict Resolution

The more important a decision or relationship is, the more difficult it can be to negotiate favourably. Each of us is so bent on having our own way that the path to effective compromise and resolution is invisible to us. The answer can be found with the aid of a mediator: an FLM counsellor who is outside of the issue and thus is not swayed by a vested interest in any particular outcome – except the best one.

Resolving Personal and Relational Issues

FLM counsellors are well-versed in the concerns we face in our personal lives and relationships. Whatever anxiety you might be battling with, you can find resolution and healing with help from the genuinely interested and highly trained individuals at Family Life Ministries. Your health and happiness is our reward.

Grief counselling

The trauma caused by the loss of a loved one or treasured possession can be grave, and the prospect of trying to move on with life can be overwhelming. Trying to bury misery only leaves us wounded, and giving up on our lives in response to our loss, damages our families and friends even further – leaving our loved ones to deal with a compounded state of bereavement. We often cannot find healing within ourselves; we need professional help and ministry.

Grieving is an important process, one that cannot be rushed or overlooked. An FLM counsellor can guide you into grieving well – entering, understanding, and passing through the stages, to the renewal and restoration that lies on the other side of the pain.