Family counselling

Families should be havens of security, growth and joy, but too often they are battlegrounds of anger, hurt, and misunderstanding. In too many cases, parents and children find themselves at odds, constantly arguing with or steadfastly ignoring each other – though no one might clearly know why. How do we change the environment in our homes and eliminate the strife we experience but feel powerless to overcome?

FLM counsellors are equipped to inform us of strategies for conflict management, how to compromise and use effective communication and decision-making skills to provide us with a safe, open forum for expressing, understanding, and accepting our feelings and ourselves, in a way that will help our families move from a dysfunctional state to one that is healthy and happy.

Child and Adolescent counselling

Although young people may experience fear, depression, and self-hatred just as often as adults do, there are times when a child will believe his or her parents are the persons who are least capable of providing suitable help. Often the most tumultuous periods in our lives hit us when we are too young to have any skill in handling such upheavals, yet it is the time when we are most vulnerable and susceptible to bad influences. When parents and guardians are unable to help youngsters cope with their overwhelming circumstances and emotions, an FLM counsellor can be trusted to listen to their anxieties and coach them in how to grow in maturity and self-management.